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How can I learn more women's steam flow types and the advantages and disadvantages bribe
Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
Evaporation equipment in operation when the internal solution is a corresponding flow, resulting in different evaporation efficiency. Compared with ordinary evaporator, multi-effect evaporator in every respect has a lot of advantages, then it flows and how it?
Through a comprehensive observation, we found that multi-effect evaporator flows there are many, including the forward feed, countercurrent feeding, shunt feeding, cross-flow feeding, etc., but also between them very different nature. Such as feed and stream for instance, the solution will be higher than the pressure and temperature of the evaporator, the low temperature evaporator pressure flow, that flow between the various aging solution is to rely on pressure to complete.
Steam in this case, the solution is usually the state of overheating and produce gasification, evaporation effect will be further enhanced, thereby reducing energy consumption. But this way, the characteristics of multi-effect evaporator is the concentration of the solution will be progressively increased, the temperature gradually decreased, so that the heat transfer area of ​​the entire evaporation process is increased. Thus we conclude, and stream feeding only on the viscosity of the solution was evaporated little more effective.
Look at the countercurrent steam feeding happens, it happens to be overcome and streams feeding disadvantage, of course, it also has some limitations. Including solutions need to rely on pumps to be transported; solution flow process since there is no evaporation; heat-sensitive material was not conducive to evaporation, etc., due to the presence of these factors, making multi-effect evaporator feed countercurrent flow is not perfect.
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